Prayer Requests 6 January 2004--Epiphany

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Give thanks to God, for He is good, His love endures forever.

For Grace Enriquez, director of my Carmelite community as she undergoes surgery today. For sucessful surgery and rapid recovery.

For Ashli and her child that doctors may find a way to help her carry her young one to term.

Continued prayers for Christine's father that he effect a complete recovery from his recent crisis.

For T.S. O'Rama's Grandmother who is experiencing a very difficult change in living arrangements

For Robert Walsh and his family.

For Franklin's father, Bill, who is more seriously ill than had been previously thought. For his family that they are all able to cope with these circumstances.

For Karen Marie Knapp as she recovers from her recent hospitalization.

For the men and women of the American Armed forces who will not be able to spend this holiday season with their families, that this may nevertheless be a season of "comfort and joy" beyond their greatest expectations.

Special Prayer Projects:

Please pray for Linda's continued recovery and return to health and pray to ward off any possibility of relapse.

(1) Chris Keith, the young lady whose biopsy went poorly got the results of that biopsy--carcinoma of the liver. The cancer is metastatic from colon cancer. Surgery has taken place to treat the colon cancer.

I paraphrase her mother:

"We [members of the family] are standing on the Rock and are rock solid. We are all okay and we are looking for a few prayer warriors to help us in this battle." Because this mother means so much to me for the great good she has done for my friends, I plan to stand with her and her family in this battle, and I invite you all to join me. Expect to hear about this on and off over the next few months.

(2) For Katherine's Mom as she undergoes chemotherapy--that the treatment is successful and her mother comes through this ordeal with a deeper sense of God's abiding love for her.

(3) For Katherine and Franklin, Christine and Gordon, Janet and Louis, Bill Doran, Shirley, and for all who are seeking employment and suffering through difficult times as they wait.

(4) From Davey's Mom: I am with child once again and could use prayers for a healthy pregnancy.

I welcome the addition of other requests via the comment box. Thank you for keeping this poor Carmelite employed.

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Could we please pray for my young friend Audrey? She is 16 and fighting a deadly battle with anorexia. At the moment it doesn't seem to be going very well. At the same time her grandmother is very ill. The stress on her whole family is tremendous. I know the prayers of St. Blog's are efficacious. My friends could use the help!

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