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You have undoubtedly noticed that the prayer request list has gotten quite long. You've also no doubt noticed that much of it is not subject to a tremendous amount of change. My suggestion if you would like to take these intentions to daily prayer is to simply print up a recent list and tuck it into your Liturgy of the Hours, purse, or book that you always take with you to prayer. Rather than assaulting God's ears every day with every one of these, offer only those most recent and then all the intentions that we have carried every day. God knows what they are and He honors our intentions to pray for them. But God is more interested in us talking to Him than presenting "wish-lists." Naturally He will answer all prayers, but we needn't exercise ourselves over the list too much. On the other hand reading the list may bring up an issue we are presently working on and need help with.

Also, from here on out, I will try to confine the repeated requests to the "Extended Entry" portion of a post. If you don't have the list, it will always be available. But because I am already asking so much by requesting both requests and prayers for all of these intention, I don't want to try your patience too much. Anyway, thanks to all and thank you all for your wonderful, prayerful response.

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