Okay, I Admit It, I Saw the Pattern. . .

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. . .and manipulated the outcome. Anything to be associated with Shakespeare. Though I have to say all of the couples are . . . uh . . . interesting?

You are Ken & Barbie as the star crossed lovers
Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Thanks to
the invention of instant communication, your
love may be as timeless as your tale.

Which Ken & Barbie Couple Do You Belong To?
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Manipulating the outcome is one of the pleasures of these quizzes.

Dear Don,

Usually I try to use "real responses" on the first try and then manipulate. With the Poseidon quiz I manipulated it with every real answer that I could come up with in seven trials still came up Poseidon, so sometimes I don't catch on to what is the lynchpin of the quiz. But with this one, it was fun and interesting. More interesting was that my wife got "Jude Devereaux Ken and Barbie."



We came out at Gomez and Morticia, but I think "Punch and Judy" Ken and Barbie might have been more accurate!

if you're gonna manipulate, i suppose manipulating towards the bard is closer to virtue than vice!



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