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Well, what can one say? I'm an Oliver Stone vehicle--could be worse--I could have been The Doors.

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When I took this quiz over at Summamamas', I cane out as Easy Rider! Guess I'll have to rent it.

I notice that, although this quiz has made the rounds, NOBODY seems to have posted results to the companion "Which Famous Leader Are You?" quiz.

I got ADOLF HITLER, for crying out loud! Gotta wonder if every other testtaker did, too! Maybe Hitler is the only result!

And I thought I felt shook up when I came out as a "Gender Nazi" on the Post-Modernist Quiz!

Classic? Platoon besmirches the very name! Now Predator. That's a classic.

Lee Ann,

I am with you. My first thought was "classic?!?" Ugh.

I'm Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. As a leader I'm Abraham Lincoln, which is more flattering than Hitler, but they do insist on titling it "You're a mild-mannered assassination victim," so maybe I shouldn't be all that flattered.

As a leader I am pure Franco, and since I decree it as so, so it is!

I came up as Che Guevara and Raiders of the Lost Ark.



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