Fr. Groeschel

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Rumor has it that Fr. Groeschel was hit by a car this weekend and suffered some extensive injuries. I haven't been able to verify this independently; however, prayer for Fr. Groeschel's health and well-being would certainly not be out of order even if the rumors prove untrue.

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Whoa, I hope this is wrong. Prayers going up. Please keep us posted.

Ok, I think you can move this out of the rumor category and into the fact category unfortunately. See the article out at EWTN.


My wife works at the hospital he is in. I'm sure he doesn't want a bazillion visitors, but I'll make sure the Orlando Carmelite Groups are aware and praying. Thanks, Tom.



I heard it also this AM - Fr. Groeschel is one of the good guys - at least we all know where he stands on life support issues!

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