Another Deadly Accurate Quiz Result

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Not! But they are fun and it is interesting to get a glimpse inside the mind of the quiz maker.


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

Later My apologies, I failed to acknowledge Fr. Jim as the source whereat I found this quiz.

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Athena ?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ?? brought to you by Quizilla That wasn't my first result, though. My first result, before I went back and tweaked a question that I suspect I took too metaphorically, was....... Read More


Not accurate? Aren't you the one who lives on a peninsula and has, on your sidebar, both an invocation to Our Lady, Star of the Sea and a link to a Plesiosaur site?

I bet you keep your trident in the trunk of your car.


Well, you do have a point. And if I could afford it I would be living on an island no larger than an hour's walk to the shore any direction. You caught me. But I don't think my mood swings all that much--at least not to the wild and wiolent side (most of the time.)

But you're right, I wasn't thinking in those terms, and curiously the questions never seemed to ask about the sea, etc. Interesting. Thanks for the insight.



I assumed that surely you tweaked the results to get the Sea god, Steven! Not because you had any particular craving for Poseidon's bombast, but because he had really cool digs! (No paleontological pun intended).

I got Morpheus, god of dreams. I must say, I like the graphic for him. All this time I thought staring out the window was just a symptom of ADD!

Dear KTC,

Actually, on first pass I always try to answer somewhat truthfully--at least within the limits allowed by the structure of the question. I usually play fair and let everyone know when I've adjusted things to achieve a desired result. This was first pass random trial--so pretty good, I guess. But yes, I do dig his digs!



Dear Kathy,

In fact, here's a really interesting result. I just did the quiz four more times with every answer that could reasonably apply and each time I came out Poseidon. Guess it's a more accurate measure than I thought, huh?




I came out Morpheus, which was very accurate for me ( go look if you haven't). I'll sleep while you polish your trident...

Morpheus here too.

Still another Morpheus here -- so why am I an insomniac?

Mors - What does that make me?



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