A Useful Reminder from Abbot Vonier


from A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist
Abbot Vonier

Anyone who believes in the Eucharist, as every Catholic Theologian does, grants enough to that external thing in the supernatural sphere--the sign, to make him ready for more. If under the appearance of bread and wine there can be the Body and Blood of Christ, Saint Thomas, the most honest and logical of all thinkers, will say that under baptismal water thre also can be the power of the Holy Spirit, so that baptismal water , or any other sacramental sign, is not only an infallible token of God's activity in the souls of men, it is more. Water, chrism, and words of absolution, all contain a participated power from Christ. (p. 45)

from Zaccheus Press

And I will note that while Tom of Disputations is reading this book, it is not nearly so daunting a prospect as that fact would suggest. I, too, am reading it, though I'll grant you probably much more slowly, and understanding it well. Vonier is a fairly lively writer with a good sense of rhythm and some excellent examples and metaphors. So don't let the title deceive you--this is a most excellent book for the average Catholic who is seeking to understand the faith.

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