A Brief Exhortation to Prayer


We all "know" that prayer works wonders. That is, it sits up in the tops of our heads and exists as an intellectual reality. Often that reality does not begin to really touch our hearts because we make no efforts to have it do so.

The reason for posting praise reports is to concretely affirm and extol the virtues and the power of prayer. When you keep track of what it is you are praying for and you have a certain knowledge that good resulted from your prayer, that intellectual reality becomes a core reality. Prayer is a powerful tool and a wonderful privilege. I have been privileged to witness its efficacy time and again since starting this small list of requests. I thank everyone who has been praying, and I encourage you all to look at the praise reports and give thanks to God who grants our prayers as He sees fit.

Praise God on His Holy Throne amidest the Seraphim who attend Him in the presence of all the saints.

Thank you all so much! Your prayers have affected the lives of people you do not know and have helped to establish the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

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