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Due to a head cold or sinus infection or some other clogging of the brain, I've been unable to come to a conclusion regarding which extended text I would next like to consider. Because I've already subjected you to one that is not Catholic, I thought the better part would be to give equal or more time to a Catholic Source. It would be better for it not to be too long (say Imitation of Christ long) and that it treat of prayer or Christian Life and not explicitly of theology (for which I can provide no real insight). Are there any opinions? I may be casting around for a few days looking for just the right thing, but once settled upon, I'd like to continue the extended treatment because I found it gave me a few moments every day in prayer as I read and commented upon the text.

I was thinking about the Sayings of Light and Love but the problem with that is that they are something like the Sayings of the Desert Fathers in that each one requires an extended meditation and consideration. It would be quite easy to get lost in the huge morass of them. On the other hand. . .

Perhaps we could give some consideration to Brother Lawrence's Practice of the Presence of God

Let me know if you have any opinions or considerations. (In case you can't tell, I really like the structure of extended consideration, and I don't think it necessarily detracts from other things that may from time to time arise.)

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I cast my vote for your treatment of Br. Lawrence. I do so love him.

Yes! Yes!! Practice of the Presence of God!

I suppose it's too late to vote for Arintero's Mystical Evolution....

Dear Tom,

It's never too late. I'll just have to look at the work. However, my suspicion is (from the title alone) it likely lies far beyond my meager capabilities in these matters.



Dear Tom,

Having done a moment's research, it appears that Mystical Evolution is a trifle longer than I had thought to try to cover. However, it does look rather interesting. $42.00 interesting, I don't know, but interesting.





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