Amazingly, I CAN Remain in Contact

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Even sans laptop and without a connected PDA, can use the exceedingly crude hotel access to annoy people at a distance. Oh, technologty is goodly, wonderful thing. Praise God for these small wonders, and for the gorgeous palms bending in the wind just outside this room. No time to get to the beach today, but it is nevertheless a truly wonderful day. Pray for me as the trip continues, and please pray for my beloved wife who is quite seriously ill--pray for complete and rapid recovery--things are so bad that we even had to cancel my annual pilgrimage to Islands of Adventure to revel in the Spiderman ride!

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Oh, I'm sorry: I'll certainly pray!

Will pray!

Your wife will be especially remembered in my rosaries. God bless you both.


We have been praying. I spoke with her the other night so know how sick she is. I hope it goes better there than here. We are in our third week of this virus. The three youngest are sick now. The rest of us, I think, are through it. Sorry for your too busy schedule this week.

In the midst of all this commotion, I hope you will take a moment today to HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Oh, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do hope all goes quickly well for your wife. I can't believe you got to meet Kathy and Peony. Man am I jealous.

When I can cajole my way into a Florida trip, I'll come meet BOTH you guys! :-)

How is Linda's flu?

I hope that your wife is feeling better today. You are both in our prayers.



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