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I don't much care for the military imagery of Christianity. "A Mighty Fortress" "Onward Christian Soldiers," "Battle Hymn of the Republic," etc. Since I have a tendency toward an extreme pacificism, one might see how these images would fail to appeal.

However, I cannot but acknowledge that we are locked in a battle with powers not of this world, and the victory has already been obtained. I think of us rather like the Ents at the end of The Two Towers our responsibility now is to stand fast against the raging flood waters and to hold our ground. Even this we do not do alone, because of ourselves we can do nothing. We rely completely upon Jesus Christ, Lord, Savior, source of Strength, as we stand in this battle. We also rely upon the prayers of the Saints and the Prayers and actual spiritual armies of the Angels.

So, while I do not care for the language, nor necessarily for the imagery, it is undeniably Biblical, and undeniably given us so that we understand the extent of the siege. So, please consider joining forces with those around the world who in their daily lives stand fast and wage battle against evil, both natural and supernatural.

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Steven, I have often heard of the Rosary spoken of as a great weapon in spiritual battle. May we pray it sometimes for those engaged in difficult spiritual battles.

At least "Might Fortress" is biblical in the sense that it is a variation on Psalm 46, which includes reference to the God of Jacob as a "fortress" or "fortified refuge".


And blessings for Linda's continued recovery.

Dear Kairos Guy,

Absolutely agreed. In fact, my punctiliousness with respect to this language should in no wise be read as accuracy of representation. I recognize that there are a great many references in the Bible to spiritual battle, fortresses, strongholds, etc. And so, I know that the notion is biblically endorsed, I am just personally somewhat uncomfortable with it.

It's what we call a "personal problem" not a scriptural problem.

Thanks for giving me the occasion to clarify and thanks for the continued prayers.





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