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Since I started this new format, I have discovered that not only must I pray in the morning (as I have done, but now more) but I am given the opportunity to meet God in the beauty of poetry and of Rev. Flavel's marvelous sermon. I don't know if anyone read "My Last Duchess" today--perhaps only a few, but reading it and writing about it made my day an infinitely brighter and more wonderful place. So too with each of the poems I have placed here and commented upon. I shall endeavor to continue this mission--though there is strong evidence that an upcoming business trip may interrupt the cycle for a few days. I am so grateful to God for all that He has given me in the way of inspiration, intellect, and appreciation for the good things of the world. Thank you all for being so patient as I spend time with these things. I hope you enjoy spending the time with me, but if not, I'll try to make them as short or as easy to skip as possible.

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