November Poem-Alexander Pope--Hymn

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It was fantabulously difficult to find a poem for All-Saints. Don't know why--I suppose I could have picked any individual Saint. Be that as it may, this hymn came up in the course of search and I thought it wonderful.

Alexander Pope

Thou art my God, sole object of my love;
Not for the hope of endless joys above;
Not for the fear of endless pains below,
Which they who love thee not must undergo.
For me, and such as me, thou deign'st to bear
An ignominious cross, the nails, the spear:
A thorny crown transpierced thy sacred brow,
While bloody sweats from every member flow.
For me in tortures thou resign'st thy breath,
Embraced me on the cross, and saved me by thy death.
And can these sufferings fail my heart to move?
What but thyself can now deserve my love?
Such as then was, and is, thy love to me,
Such is, and shall be still, my love to thee--
To thee, Redeemer! mercy's sacred spring!
My God, my Father, Maker, and my King!

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All Saint's Day from Fructus Ventris on November 1, 2003 4:35 PM

Mr. Riddle posts an All Saints hymn. One of my favorite hymns is For All the Saints, sung to Ralph Vaughn William's tune Sine Nomine. I especially like the fact that it comes in on the second beat of the... Read More


wow! I didn't know there was any devotional poetry from Pope!



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