Night Prayer: One Last Request for the Day

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Please remember the sorrow, heartache, and pain of our Anglican Brothers. Pray that those who have opted to abide by the authority of Scripture and remain within the communion of all Christians may find support, hope, and nurturing with another Church family. Remember how betrayed we felt with the mishandling of the sexual abuse scandal and multiply that into the complete division of the Church. This is the scale of the crisis and all involved need our earnest prayers. Perhaps most of all V. Gene Robinson, by whose precipitate, misguided, and largely selfish action this crisis came to be.

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Steven - You hit on an emotion that I have felt is being exhibited by Mr Robinson - selfishness. The act of proving he is right regardless of the consequences. It seems to me that this is just a public political action statement aimed at trying to force a certain sort of change withing the Episcopal church.

I am not a fan of how our Catholic church is currently governed - I think there is such a concentration of absolute power, without any counterbalancing mechanism to prevent abuses of power. But the Episcopal alternative is equally frought with peril. It seems to me to that such a democratic appoach to Tradition and Doctrine is a sure path to discord. The middle-ground is a form of power-sharing between clergy and laity that I think will develop (and is developing) in Catholicism today.

It also reminds me of Catholicism's approach to homosexual clergy - we all know there is a fair number of homosexual priests, but as long as they are celibate then it seems our bishops don't really pay much attention to them. If homosexuality is wrong, then isn't it wrong whether someone is celibate or not? Or is it? I don't have that figured out, not even close to it.



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