Unseen Warfare of Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

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Another excerpt from Ordinary Graces that spoke to me during reading time this morning:

from Ordinary Graces
compiled by Lorraine Kisly

Those who have realized how dangerous and evil is the life they lead, the devil succeeds in keeping in his power mainly by the following simple but all-powerful suggestion: "Later, later; tomorrow, tomorrow." And the poor sinner, deluded by the appearance of good intention accompanying this suggestion, decides, "Indeed, tomorrow; I shall finish what I have to do, and then, free of all care, will put myself in the hands of Divine grace. . . .

Nothing but negligence and blindness can explain why, when the whole of our salvation and all the glory of God are at stake, we fail to use immediately the most easy and simple and yet the most effective weapon, namely: to say to ourselves resolutely and energetically: "This moment! I shall start spiritual life at this moment and not later, I shall repent now, instead of tomorrow. Now , this moment is in my hands, tomorrow and after is in the hands of God. Even if God will grant me tomorrow and after, can I be sure that I shall have tomorrow the same good thought urging me to mend my ways? . . . Moreover how senseless it is when, for example, a sure remedy is offered for curing one's ills to say: "Wait, let me be sick a little longer."

Praise God in His saints and in His gifts to us through them. Now is the proper time, now is the expedient moment. Now is all there is--the past is gone, the future yet to come, we cannot know what is there--so now is the time for healing and for hope.

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It's the old, "Lord! Make me a saint... just not yet..." routine. I'm guilty, too.

Steven, what do you think of Thomas Dubay's books on the subject of prayer and the prayerful life?

Dear Barrister,

I find Fr. Dubay's work in varying degrees very helpful. For those starting Prayer Primer seems quite good. For those on the way Spiritual Direction is recommended. For all Blessed Are You Poort, for those very intellectually inclined, The Fire Within, Autheniticity and The Evidentiary Power of Beauty are fascinating reading. If Fr. Dubay lives as he writes, we have in him one very saintly man.





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