St. Bernard on Creation

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St. Bernard of Clairvaux

God creates minds to share in himself, gives them life, so that they may experience him, causes them to desire him, enlarges them to grasp him, justifies them so that they may deserve him, stirs them to zeal, ripens them to fruitiion, directs them to equity, forms them in benevolence, moderates them to make them wise, strengthens them to virtue, visits them to console, enlightens them with knowlege, sustain them to immortality, fills them with happiness, surrounds them with safety.

Blessed be the name of the Lord who makes so great a creature and who sustains it undeservedly to life within Himself.

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Amen! If only Luther had posted THIS on the church door at Wittenburg things might have been quite different - not that he wouldn't have been spanked by the stupid emperor and all that, but, still, perhaps it wouldn't have been a schism.

Ah, Brother Bernard, makes me think I really do need to become a Christian some day...

Peace to all.


From what work do you cite our beloved Bernard?



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