Revisiting Great Poetry--Dylan's "Magnificat"

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As I was doing some various clean-up work (I've got a bazillion posts to categorize) I came across a reference to this wonderful poem which reminds me once more why I miss him so much. Please continue prayers for his swift return.

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Thanks so much for this link! A fine poem, just fine. I've never been able to pull off even to most lame of villanelles, let alone one this beautiful. I've never quite caught what happened to Dylan, or why he isn't always around, but I will pray that he might return soon.

Peace to all.

Dear Thomas,

It is magnificent, isn't it. And a great deal of Dylan's poetry is wonderful. I'll have to prowl through his archives and post some links--it'll be a sort of hit and miss collection as there is much--but this poem moved me greatly, and as you pointed out a villanelles isn't exactly an easy kind of poem to accomplish--this does it very nicely.



To think that a heart so full of love for the good can't be left alone to pursue it. I wish a miracle for him.



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