Hentoff on Charles Pickering

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Thanks to Chirp, I had the chance to read this wonderful article by Nat Hentoff. I don't know if this represents his usual clarity or thinking on matters, but I found it even-handed and remarkably free of diatribe and vitriol. Recommended.

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You might very well appreciate some of his other writings if you have the time. As Erik agreed in my comments box, the integrity of his thought and writing is really refreshing, even if he's wrong about some things (especially that atheism thing. He's definitely an atheist it's easy to pray for though.) He actually wrote a book about John Cardinal O'Connor. I felt a similar admiration and affection for both of them because they seemed so genuine.

Hentoff is a good man and a great writer. He has probably forgotten more about music than I will ever know in my life, and he is equally sharp on politics. I really would not be surprised if he became a Catholic someday (and hopefully soon).



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