Happy Feast Day

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To all my Carmelite Brothers and Sisters, Happy Feast Day.

To the rest of you, happy St. Thérèse Day. May this day see showers of roses from heaven for all of you. May the prayers of St. Thérèse be a source of blessing, peace and healing.

And today is an especially good day to invoke St. Thérèse in the cause of Terry Schiavo and Michael Schiavo. St. Thérèse knew illness intimately. She died an atrociously painful death at a time when painkillers were but little available and not at all available to those cloistered because of their vows of poverty and obedience. She understands sickness.

May her prayers help to free Terry Schiavo from the terrible death-sentence spelled out for her.

More importantly, Thérèse, was completely caught up in the spirit of saving souls. She prayed for an unrepentant murderer before his death, let us pray that her prayers will lead Michael Schiavo to a place where he can better understand what he is doing and where he can choose to do otherwise. May her powerful intercession break the bonds of Satan so clearly present here.

Blessings and joy to all today.

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Happy Feast Day, Steven!

Blessed Feast Day!

May Therese shower grace upon the Schiavo family. I will pray for the miracle of a change of heart.

Should have said that Holy Spirit enlighten the Schiavo family. Therese is a powerful intercessor but grace is from God. I'm tired this morning and wrote before I thought.....happy Feast day to all the Carmelites....may all of us have a "little way" in our daily lives.


I think it was clear that you meant that "by her prayers may the Schiavo family obtain grace." We often use these shorthand expressions, but thank you for contributing to the prayer. I hope to give St. Therese (and thus the host of Heaven) cause to smile today.



Happy name day to me, too!

St. Therese, be a companion to all our priests, strengthen them in faith with love!

Happy Feast Day, and your thoughts match mine.



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