Encouragement to Relative Newcomers to the Field

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Some relative newcomers to the blogging world have been at times dismayed by the lack of response they receive when they discuss spiritual matters. I would point out that of all of the material posted yesterday, what received the greatest comment was a movie review posted on another site. This is the way of things--the movie review had statements that while not necessarily controversial were, at least, arguable. How does one argue with St. Teresa of Avila. Indeed, how does one even adequately comment on the writings of the Great Saints? It is in the application that comment may arise, but the writings themselves--who wants to go up against a Doctor of the Church.

So, be not dismayed if you find a vast and eerie silence around posts that you have worked hard on. The Holy Spirit will guide them to work where they will and if you were listening to Him, they will not go unheeded--you just might not be privy to the good that they do. And so it is--St. Paul reminds us that some are sowers and some are reapers, and those who sow may never see the harvest that is brought in. Everything is in God's hands and it is all for our good.

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Steven, I thank you for your encouragement. I am aware that others will not walk on "holy ground" with "dirty feet". Your words were nicely said. Glory to God!

Great point, Steven. I think people feel more confident expresssing opinions and thoughts on non-religious matters - probably because faith is so personal. You really bear your soul by opening discussing the religious beliefs that make up the core of your being. It's difficult to open up, even for those of us who have blogs!


Jay's point about faith being personal has another aspect: when someone reads a spiritually-minded post, he isn't necessarily in a spiritually-minded mood. That doesn't mean he doesn't read or appreciate the post, but it might mean he's literally in no mood to comment.

All things considered, comments are the dog biscuits of rewards, not the sort of thing that gets stored up in heaven.

It is really interesting to see just what gets a comment and what is seemingly ignored.

Good Steven! I've found that the best thing about these blogs (and much of the Catholic internet world, is the way that one blog leads to another on which a comment takes you to yet another site etc. etc. Somehow, someway the Holy Spirit does guide us - even here!

Thank you so much for the encouragment! May God bless Saint Blogs for the New Evangelization. : )



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