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A blessed and wonderful feast day. I believe St. Robert Bellarmine is the patron, or at least one of the patrons of Canon Lawyers. I also think he is the one who said of the Bible, "God gave it to us not to tell us how the heavens go but how to go to heaven."

Later: I find it interesting, and perhaps indicative (of something), that this day I choose to celebrate St. Robert Bellarmine, and Erik (he of the Rants) chooses to extol Tomás de Torquemada.

This from an entry on Catholic Exchange:

Robert tried to take a moderate approach to the issues of the day; he upheld the Church's position and pointed out Protestant errors, but in a way which relied upon persuasion, not polemics. He argued against the "divine right of kings" the belief that royal authority comes directly from God. He thereby indirectly promoted the possibility of modern democratic thought, angering the kings of England and France in the process.

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Today is also the commemoration of St. Francis recieving the stigmata. But the two feasts do seem to fit together. Both call us to greater conversion.

Further, today is the first of the Fall Ember days, which are optional (fast & abstinence) in the current calendar.

And also of Hildegarde of Bingen, a multitalented, contemplative and mystic, polymath genius, abbess and monastic foundress.

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