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But my sincere thanks to all who have offered help. Transition is going smoothly. We'll see what happens with the archives and such, but I have no reason to expect anything untoward.

I am ecstatic because it appeals so much to my orderly mind to have all these Categories. Now if someone wants to read all the entries on poetry or the glorious seventeenth Century, or whatever, they will be able to do so. More importantly, for my own purposes it is far superior to the usual flatfile.

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How exciting! This transition seems highly successful so far!

Nice digs!

Waaahhh! Now I have to go into my template again and update for another RestlessBlogger. *pout, sniffle*

Seriously, everything looks very nice, Steven. I've been thinking seriously of moving but the job (not to mention the expense) appears daunting. Best of luck with your new "home"!



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