St. John of the Cross


St. John of the Cross IX--Dark Night of the Soul II

Ascent of Mount Carmel Study--Dark Night Digression part II

This month we end our brief digression into Dark Night of the Soul. Please read pages 367-375 (Book 1 Chapters 4-7).

Prepare a table consisting of three columns and eight rows. In the header row:

Spiritual Sin/ Signs and Symptoms/Actions to be Taken or Cure

In the Lead Column: Spiritual Pride, Spiritual Avarice, Spiritual Lust, Spiritual Anger, Spiritual Gluttony, Spiritual Envy, Spiritual Sloth.

Fill out the final five, and as a review go back to the first two. Make a list of three actions to take in the next month related to finding and rooting out signs of these sins.

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