May as well add my two-cents worth. Mr. Bowden of Adjutorium Nostrum + In Nomine Domini is encouraging all St. Blogsters to add a feed to their sites. Having examined the possibilities, I can see why he might suggest this. At the very bottom of the left-hand column of this page is the location I have chosen to add such a feed. Unless you're on ultra-blogger or somesuch, I don't think it is possible to add a feed directly, so Blogmatrix seems to be a good place to add through. The advantage is that those who run a certain kind of reader/browser will know almost as soon as you have updated your site. You can read all updates in one place--like a St. Blog's newspaper. (I don't know if a program is yet available for Mac to do this). The disadvantage, so far as I can tell at this time, is nil. So, please consider this service to and for others who enjoy your site.

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