Read the Rules--That Changes EVERYTHING

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First five things that spring to mind:

Book: The Holy Bible, The Pentameron

Sculpture: The Gates of Hell--Rodin

Music: Genesis-Foxtrot, Durufle-Requiem

Okay, I think that does it properly. I wouldn't evenly distribute stuff in categories. And these were the things that sprang to mind immediately. I don't think I'd be happy long with my selection. And a surfboard--short board AND long board, and maybe a boogie board. Do these count as works of art or craft? If so they'd replace some of the above.

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Okay, so I've found another person who loves Foxtrot by Genesis. This in itself is a moment to remember.

For what it's worth, this is what I came up with:

Shakespeare's Complete Works
Rush in Rio, DVD and CD
The Bible, RSV, with Apocrypha
Rublev's Trinity
The Glory of the Lord by von Balthasar

Now, can I fit all that in my little black bag? The creatures of the night will have to wait a few more minutes.




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