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I'm about 10% of the way through categorizing my archive. It will be a while before everything is in place, but hopefully soon. Then I'll try to figure out a way in which archves might be accessible by date or category. Failing that, which way might you all find more pleasing? Because I control the blog, I can always access category by other means. But if it would prove more useful (and it is possible) would you like to be able to access the archive by date and category? If not, which would you prefer?

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I would think that monthly archives and category listing would do well.
I have found the search function in MT to be very user friendly, having recently searched my own blog for some old stuff.
the colors are coming along nicely!

Definitely I think access by category to be the most useful.

For your readers, I'd guess that the category sort would be most useful.

Date sort may be more useful for you personally. I know I like to go back and see what I wrote at a given time.

Both would be useful. If someone were away from your blog for a long time, they might want to just read everything you'd been writing. Honestly, sometimes I just glance at your or someone else's blog because I'm not up to reading all the deep and involved stuff at the moment, and then want to go back and take a serious look at it some time later. On the other hand I might just want to see everything you'd written about St. John of the Cross or something like that and category would be more useful then.

I definitely think category makes the most sense, but I am the insane taxonomist (come look at my record collection some time, then, if my system makes sense to you, then please explain it to Melanie, since I have had no luck so far). I love making ever more refined definitions.

Aristotle, Uber Alles!


Having earned degrees in paleoecology and functional morphology, I too am an ardent taxonomist. If I had my druthers there would be the ability to rank these categories in such a way as to indicate relationship. Without cumbersome Category names, this is not possible, so they are what they are.

However, examining your site, I saw both listed and so knew that it could be done. And so it has been. I'm also doing archives monthly rather than weekly--too long a listing otherwise.

So that problem has been resolved.

I vote monthly with a categorizing. Your blog is varied enough to benefit categorizing (many blogs are just church news).



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