Okay, One Last Entry for the Sheer Joy of It

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There is much to admire about this software, and much that is both infuriating and aggravating.

For one thing the code for the template is a nasty tangled mess. I can parse it, but just barely because of the way different lines are slammed together. I haven't yet gotten used to some of the style-sheet eccentricities. And I'm not certain that I've settled on a style. I'd really like a three column format, but I can't seem to find any templates with that--so I'll likely get someone to help parsing the mess and set up my own.

Oh, and color scheme is far from final.

One last horror--importing the archives. Not sure I'll be able to do it--but if I can get everything moved over, I probably shall do soonest.

Meanwhile, enjoy the vistas from my new home.

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The CSS style sheet template does take a while to figure out. The class names aren't always the most descriptive. Setting up a three column format is a little tricky, you just need to remember to use the absolute position for a class that controls the left column and to wrap everything for that side in that class.

I found this CSS reference to be helpful

If you need any help let me know.



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