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Everything is set. Almost everything is as I would like it. But the color scheme just isn't coming together. Those HTML experts, any notions on three progressively darker compatible blue-greens to blues. I'm looking for a very festive Caribbean feel--hence the present coral. I think I may been to incorporate a small gif background to tile and create the color effect I want. Any advice?

By the way, thanks to all the kind souls out in St. Blogs who have so generously given time and energy to help make this come about. Soon shall report on why one might consider such a move and under what circumstances one should consider staying put.

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I really like the turquoise and royal blue, especially if you were to add some pictures of marine fossils! But if you keep the coral on top, may I suggest removing the light blue stripe behind the text "Reflections on Carmelite traditions, etc" and just have the black text on the coral (perhaps a lighter shade of coral?) Not too much coral, please -- that top box is just right.

Your new look is very nice, but those soothing, tasteful Carmelite browns were nice too.

I know you are still touching up. :) Perhaps you might consider reformatting your "how to email me" box to match the other boxes (small font, left-justified?

Dear Peony,

Thanks for the note. I may do away with the coral entirely and unforuntately, Carmelite though I am, brown just isn't my thing--definitely a water guy.

As to adjusting it--that takes a finesse that I must admit I do not yet possess with the palette. I'd like it ghosted back about thirty percent lightened, but am uncertain about how long it would take experimentally to get it. I got here via an abbreviated and useful palette. I wish there were a better palette program on the web. Easier to adjust to more exact parameters.

Thanks for the input, I did already do two of the requests.



Hi All,

Yes, now I know there are two corals in the header, but never fear, I may abandon the scheme completely, though I think not. I have a friend who is a whiz at using the Photoshop color wheel and I might prevail upon him to help me tomorrow.

Anyway, it's looking a bit more like some of the things down this way. But still not the still pure blue of the Caribbean in the eerie calm before a major storm.



Looking good.....

Sigh. I could help if you wanted midwestern colors of soybean, wheat, drying cornstalks and John Deere green.

The blog is taking shape wonderfully - congratulations on the successful move to MT!

Dear Mr. White,

That would do as well. There's some lovely midwest greens. And now you all are beginning the lovely midwest red, gold, and orange. No such critter down here--but then, all the birds are returning, it's wonderful!



A random thought while cooking breakfast - perhaps you could use a neutral main color, or white, with colorful accents for links, quotes, whatnot. Amy Welborn's blog does that rather nicely - I come away from there remembering the attractive colors (and most of the content :-)

If you want to have the real Caribbean feel you need to have a few hungry bull sharks swimming about. Oh yeah, and serve us jerked chicken, fritaille, plantains, black beans and aged rum! And about that music...

I have a duplicate test site that I have used to test colors and layout before migrating the changes to the main blog page. It is very useful, especially to some one like me who knows very little, really, about html.
On the computer I am using right now (one of the three at work), your middle column is encroaching on your right column and there is a little extra space to the right margin. I had that problem for a while, now I am trying to remember how I fixed it. I think that I had a graphic of some kind that distorted the other stuff in one column, and when I fixed the graphic it auto-corrected the rest of the layout.
For colors, I use hex codes that I got off a page with 256 non-dithering colors. The URL is at home, send me an email if you want the URL and I will get it to you tomorrow after I go off call.

Dear Alicia,

The difficult thing is to reproduce the problem. Everything is even and balanced on the computers that I use. Fortunately, there's someone upstairs at work who is having the same problem with how things look, so perhaps I can go and look and get it fixed that way.

Making it look good on many, let alone all computers, is nearly impossible because of the variety of browsers, etc. But I do appreciate the feedback. I'll see what can be done.





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