His Song to Us

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This is what I imagine He sings all the time:

All or nothing at all
Half a love, never appealed to me
If your heart never could yield to me
Then I'd rather have nothing at all.

All or nothing at all
If it's love, there is no in between. . .

That's the way it is with God. All or nothing at all. As soon as something else creeps in that something tends to dominate our thoughts, actions, and words. When we slip a little, we always slip a lot. So my goal is that He truly become My Lord and My All, not in words only but in every aspect and facet of my life.

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Amen! Me, too!


Based on the kind of day I'm having, I wish you would put this post up about once a week and let me know when I should go look at it. I've been putting myself first, rather than the LORD, this is always a mistake.

Good reminder.

Paz y bien.


This is wonderful, Steven. Gwen Shamblim, (she runs a christian weight loss program--WeighDown Workshop) says her love song from God is "Save your heart for me" (I like that one, too)
I can't wrap my mind around a tiny corner of His love. It is amazing. And He wants us to be consumed by our love for Him, as well. Trouble is, we often think love is "feeling", and when we aren't "feeling"-as in times of aridity--we think that love--ours and His--is lacking.
But that isn't so--it is in where we turn our attention, our will. When we are in love, we think about it, nay, obssess about it! If only I could give Him even one day, when I was totally His!! (sigh)



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