An Interview With a Lowly Pilgrim


Thomas requested an interview. Although he has already responded to Alicia's questions, there were other things I thought I could ask.

(1) I note your site has numerous references to monastic life, and in many cases strict monastic life (Trappists, OCSO, etc.) What is the attraction to these orders?

(2) Outside of the Bible, what spiritual reading has been most formative for you?

(3) Tell us a bit about the pilgrimage so far--born Catholic or convert? What has been the single greatest help in getting to where you are today spiritually?

(4) There seems to be a implication that you have had some experience in the business world. How has this experience informed your journey?

(5) Who is your favorite canonized Saint (other than the Blessed Virgin) and why?

Later: Thomas has posted his answers.

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