In Iraq, at the Shrine


In Iraq, at the Shrine of Ali

Pray for the victims of the bombing of the Shrine, for their families, and for all of the people hurt directly and indirectly by this. Imagine if you will what would have happened if the same thing were to take place at Lourdes--because this is a sort of Lourdes of the Muslim world. Imagine the shock and the horror, the anguish and the anger. And then remember not so long ago people were setting fires to churches with African American congregations, and a little before that bombing churches in Alabama. And remember that as different as we like to think we are, there are among us those same fanatics who in the name of some cause would cause misery to million. who to achieve their goals would have no problem causing misery to millions. And pray for God's mercy on us all because it is all that sustains us and all that keeps us safe from the same horror.

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