Mark at Minute Particulars had a particularly interesting post about humility. I excerpt part of it below to comment:

To a humble mind nothing is more astonishing than to hear its own excellence.
caught my eye from the link in the post below. Sure it makes sense at first glance. As another translation has it, "nothing is stranger to a modest person than to hear about his own excellence." But just think about it for a moment. Are any of us really amazed to hear of our own excellence? How deep does humility have to go for one to be truly astonished that another person might find excellence in us?

And I have merely an anecdote to comment on this. Each year, I am taken into my boss' office for my annual review, and every year I come out astonished that I have once again fooled everyone and hidden my utter incompetence. I think it is quite easy to be astonished by hearing of our excellence in certain situations. I never fail to be astonished when someone writes to say that something here has been useful or helpful. Then I think, "Well, I must not have gotten in the way of the Holy Spirit so much that time."

No, astonishment at our own excellence I think is rather the norm for most of us. It is very satisfying and rewarding, of course, but unendingly surprising. And I certainly wouldn't rank my humility as being up their with the Blessed Mother's.

Oh, and here's my chance to astonish Mark if he happens by--his blog is always interesting, articulate, and wonderfully informative. If it isn't on your list of places often visited, you would do well to add it. I never fail to be edified by him or by Mr. da Fiesole at Disputations. There now, two people have a chance to gauge their astonishment. But I do say that I am always blessed when I make the attempt to engage and understand the discussion that comes from either of these two bloggers--at home or abroad.

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