Brag Session--Feel Free to Ignore


Brag Session--Feel Free to Ignore

I thought I might offer an explanation as to why things are so sparse here these days. I've been asked by the local science center to assist in the writing of all of the display copy for their newest temporary exhibit. Such stuff shall die away, of course, when the exhibit is gone, the ephemeral copy is lost--such is the way of the world. But what a thrill to be able to write for so large a public, even though most will give no thought to it having been written and having a person who put together the thoughts expressed. How many of us stop to consider that someone puts together all that text that accompanies an exhibit? Nevertheless, it is a rare thrill and a privilege to be able to contribute in such a way to the education of adults and to that of children as well.

Also, I have been tapped by the local historical society to assist in their next publication of a bulletin. I'm contributing several poems and have assisted in the past as an editor--I hope to do so in the future as well.

So, I've been maxed out recently with writing. You'll forgive the paucity of what is here presented, and perhaps its disjointed nature. This week I also have to prepare our local Carmelite Newsletter, review the website we've just started, and prepare for a family visit.

Nevertheless, as I said yesterday, I write because I cannot do otherwise. The thought of not writing is overwhelming. If I did not write I would be only a shadow of what I am, and presently I am only a shadow of what I should be.

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