Sanibel Trip


Sanibel Trip

As you can tell from the post below, the Sanibel trip was a wonderful and unexpected success. I have been blessed beyond words by it. I am also blessed by the realization that it was well that I was not brought up in such a place because I could not possibly be doing what I do now. The extraordinary beauty, charm, and peace of such a place is so strong a magnet that I honestly do not think I could ever voluntarily leave.

St. Isabel's church on Sanibel was a small but lovely building. I always evaluate a congregation by the prayers of the faithful. I listen for some reference to our leader and "respect for life." By this standard, I'm afraid St. Isabel's didn't pass muster--no mention whatsoever, which doesn't mean anyting for certain, but at least sets up the radar.

The beach is a magnificent place to experience God in all of His wonder and beauty. I am thankful for the momentary opportunity afforded by this break.

I hope all is well at St. Blog's and in my absence nothing self-destructed. Being one of the mainstays, I know that the equilibrium must have been threatened and thrown off--so even if everyone remains silent, i will be assured that everything has been restored to the way it should have been. (:D)

By the way, in mere days, I celebrate my first full year here. It has been a fantastic growing experience and I thank everyone of you who have made it so fulfilling a time. May we all continue in being blessings to one another.

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