Brief Reflection on a Line from a Hymn


Brief Reflection on a Line from a Hymn

At morning prayer a line from the suggested hymn stuck out in my mind and caused some rumination with respect to where we stand with Godl.

The particular line is:

"God's way is my way..."

I think all too often we think this line the other way round. "My way is God's way." That is certainly more convenient, as we do not have to alter our current orbits to adjust to such annoyances as the dictates of charity, the Great Commission, or other such things as might get in the way of leading a "normal" life in Millsian Materialist America.

But the truth is, regardless of what is convenient, we should be able to speak the line as written. We should be able to say very humbly, "God's way is my way, by His grace and through His power." Otherwise Christianity is meaningless and Christ's sacrifice is moot. Our center needs to be outside ourselves. We are not self-contained solar systems but rather planets that orbit around a glorious Son.

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