Ascent of Mount Carmel VIII--We Make a Digression


Ascent Study VIII--An Excursion into Dark Night of the Soul

Last month's reading leads very naturally into the brief sojourn we will take into Dark Night of the Soul. Please read Dark Night of the Soul chapters 1-3 (pp. 361-367)

Chapter 1

1. What does Saint John of the Cross intend to discuss in the next seven chapters?

What does Saint John say distinguishes beginners from proficients?

2. How does Saint John liken the beginner to a little child? What part does God play in the beginner's prayer?

3. Why are beginners in such need of consolations from God? Why is the work of beginners so feeble?

Chapter 2

1. What are some results of the secret pride beginners take in their prayer?

2. What part does the Devil play in this? What are the results of this?

3. Why is it important to listen to and obey the guidance of your spiritual director? What is disobedience a sign of?

4. Why do beginners become envious? What do they do as a result?

5. What is the wrong motivation for asking God to remove our faults?

6. How does one advance and avoid the worst of the imperfections of pride?

7. What do beginners advancing in perfection desire and require?

8. Where are these souls perfected?

Chapter 3

1. What is spiritual avarice? What are its signs and results?

2. How does the well-disposed soul, with the grace of God, avoid these imperfections?

3. What is the only source of purification from these faults?

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