A Message from a Correspondent--On Detachment


A Message from a Correspondent--On Detachment

The following message comes from a correspondent who may choose to reveal identity within the comments box, but who otherwise remains anonymous. This voice speaks for a great many, i think, of the problems of becoming truly detached. I felt so strongly about how beautifully it was expressed, I asked permission to use it. I hope you all will be as edified as I was.

I have also been thinking more about your posts on detachment. I think the biggest obstacle to a healthy detachment is taking that very frightening step of forming a true attachment, or love, for God. To set our own illusions, desires, prides, and prejudices aside and truly love Him requires a great confidence that He is there to be loved. We know our selves and the material world around us is there but we can't (or won't) be sure of Him in the same way. Attaching to Him requires tremendous dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. It is not a complacent thing. Attaching to Him means ultimately detaching from your self. Your self is a pretty concrete, tangible thing. God isn't. You can't get a hold of Him like you can of your self. To detach from your self to attach to God means letting go of something you can hold onto in favor of letting God hold onto you.

When I was little, my siblings and I used to play Jumping Day with Daddy. When he came home from work, we would stand on a step and jump into his arms. We would jump off the stairs and he would catch us. Well, detaching from your self to attach to God is like jumping off the stair of Man. There is always a little voice in your head, whether the Devil or just your own fallen nature, telling you that maybe there's nobody there to catch you. Not many people have enough trust in God to believe He will absolutely be there.

The profound truth of this really knocked me over. It is rare that someone will state straight out that there is darkness and there is doubt. I think many have difficulty letting go of what they know for a leap into the unknown. And yet, we have seen throughout the ages, a great many who survived that leap and told the tale. The story of all the saints is the story of those who somehow managed to conquer self to make that leap into the Father's arms.

My great thanks to the correspondent who gave me, and I hope all of you so much to think about in this small reflection.

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