For Erik--A Message About Brahms


For Erik--A Message About Brahms

Enetation seems to be hiccoughing. I've tried several times to post this comment to Mr. Keilholtz, so please forgive me if I make it public here, but I have a feeling that all will be enlightened when Mr. Keilholtz holds forth on the subject at hand.

Dear Erik,

You mentioned talking about Vermeer, and I'd like to assess the implication of Hockney's Camera Lucida theory and its relevance, if any, to the question of the art and the accomplishment of Vermeer.

Also, I think musically, I'd be most interested in one point in particular, which should give you an early opportunity to rant. Why the antipathy towards Brahms?

I have to admit to having no fondness whatsoever for his work, but it extends generally to the German"style." I find everything from Beethoven through the twentieth century to be too "heavy"--as though orchestrated by Phil Spector--but that's just a matter of taste. What do you so dislike about Brahms. For example, the "Alto Rhapsody" seems to me to be quite a lovely piece of music. On the other hand, as much as I love violin concerti I find Brahms's attempt to be dismal in the extreme.

Anyway, I'd like to hear a great deal more about Brahms before you start talking about real accomplishments. A rant would do me good right now.

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