Another Talk About Population Density


Another Talk About Population Density

Video Meliora is concerned about the drop-off in visitors. Well, concerned is perhaps a strong word--let us say that T.S. has noted the declilne. While I do not agree with Mr. Culbreath on the particulars of why this is a good and healthful thing, I see no cause for alarm. As St. Blog's grows, individual sites are likely to attract a smaller portion of the audience as people gravitate toward those things that interest them. For example, I only occasionally visit sites that feature comments on News of the Day. I can depress myself quite well enough, thank you. I don't need others pointing out the earth-shaking and possibly apocalyptic ramifications of the latest "art" idiocy or indiscretion of the clergy. However, for others, such sites are wildly popular. My concerns, announced from the very first, tend to dictate the sites I'm likely to find interesting and to visit with any frequency. Those who make comments on the arts--any of the arts--are likely to be magnets. Those who comment on matters of Catholic Theology, Philosophy, and Spirituality are even higher draws. Anyone who tells me anything about raising small children as Catholics will have my loyalty--for that matter, anyone with insight into the lives of small children. As a result, as new additions occur and such sites increase and the number of hours in the day remains the same, my ability to visit is drawn quite thin. I have something like 95-100 sites listed in my blogroll. A goodly number of them I visit daily. Each week I will have visited every one of them. But because the number has increased so greatly, I do not frequent with anything like my previous pattern, any one of the sites. One day Disputations might draw me in for several views by one of the provocative comments. Another day it might be Video Meliora, or Gospel M*i*n*e*f*i*e*l*d

Thus, my conclusion is that the dropoff, precipitated by Lent, but exacerbated by all of the truly excellent sites available is indicative of the growth of the community and thus is a healthy indicator for all. I do not lament it, as the lower numbers indicate to me the core of the loyal audience, from time to time supplemented by the many gracious visitors who drop by. I am blessed by each visitor, and I am blessed by the opportunity to state my opinions and ideas and to learn from others as they comment. I would like to see a great deal more interaction, but as most visitors also maintain their own blogs, it is hard to comment everyplace and say anything worthwhile at home. But I do love the conversation and interaction the may develop from time to time, and I am often disappointed by the lack of interaction in some places (not here). But that, I'm sure, will change as those places develop their own core of loyal followers.

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