An Urgent Need for Prayers


An Urgent Need for Prayers

The following comes to me regarding one of the Carmelite sisters in the Carmel at Port Tobacco (I think). Please pray for her today.

We beg prayers for Sister Anne, who is in danger of death. She was doing so well, coming to Mass almost every day, but became ill over the weekend, and missed Pentecost. The following day (yesterday), she was taken by ambulance to the Emergency Room at a larger hospital about 20 minutes from here, rather than the one here in town. She was found to have an obstruction in the small intestine. She must have an operation soon, or the bowel will burst. It would be a terrible and painful death. However, she is so weak and has so many problems that she may not survive an operation. We expect the operation to take place tomorrow, June 11.

In addition, please visit Our Lady of Loretto Carmelite Prayer Chapel and pray for the intentions posted there--all of them are urgent needs.

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