You Know Your Decision Wasn't


You Know Your Decision Wasn't a Complete Failure When. . .
Glimpses of Samuel's Last Day of School

Getting ready in the morning--always an ordeal--mom is cranky, dad is only semi-conscious (a state maintained until about noon) and Samuel vivacious and ready to go. Mom says to Samuel, "You're really making me angry. You should be doing this yourself," referring to putting on his socks. Samuel replies, "When you let anger live in your heart, you have committed murder, mommy. You should not kill."

In the classroom, the teacher is reviewing the year. She asks each student what was their favorite thing in school. We get all manner of answers: recess, writing, little books, the ten commandments. Samuel's turn comes and he responds, "Chapel." Now, if only I can get a similar enthusiasm for Mass. (Though on this point, I must admit that if he thinks I'm going to Mass alone--a very rare event--he begs, pleads and does everything he can to go. He even ended up attending both Holy Thursday and Good Friday services and was wonderful for both.)

The teacher in the last "program" of the year speaks to the parents, "At this age, if they learn their phonics, fine. If they learn their numbers, that's great too. But if they don't, they'll get that in kindergarten--it's what kindergarten is for. My job as a teacher is to help them learn to love and obey God. I told the teachers at the upper grades that I was going to teach the ten commandments, and they laughed at me, 'They're only four.' But they can do it, and they can understand it."

Just after these remarks she leads a "little catechism." Samuel is holding a card with the number 1 on it. When she comes to him he pipes up with "Love God most of all." Yes, he does get it.

At home later that evening, Samuel says, "We must love God first and most. He doesn't like us to be mean to each other."

At prayers after the usual intercessions of thanksgiving for "our school; our day; mommies, daddies, and babies" Samuel adds an intention, "And God please help Xxxx (a classmate who has some anger management problems) to be good and nice and to not have his problems."

Yes, it surely seems that God led us in the right direction and, for a change, we actually listened. Praise Him!

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