Weekend Wonders I have this


Weekend Wonders

I have this weekend reacquainted myself with some old friends as I have tried to move from vinyl (yes, I still have piles of it about decomposing) to MP3 (to preserve things no longer available through the record industry). Doing so I have listened once again to the absurd marvels of Camembert Electrique and the Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy, The Strawbs Hero and Heroine, Camel Snow Goose, Reichmann Wunderbar, Jade Warrior, Darryl Way's Wolf, Curved Air--including such wonderful bits as UltraVivaldi and the entire Phantasmagoria, Heldon 7 Les Soucoupes Volants Vertes, Aphrodite's Child, Christian Vander's Magma, particularly Attahk (what can you say about a guy who invented an entirely new language to sing in, and a particular favorite, The Residents Eskimo and Fingerprince being favorites.

Very likely this is of minimal interest to anyone. And in case you wonder, my success in creating MP3s has been quite limited. I don't know what to do about it because many of these things are no longer in print, no longer available. The vinyl continues its long, slow decline, and I fear the time when record players are so rare that it is impossible to find needles for them.

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