Today's Prayer from Drink of


Today's Prayer

from Drink of the Stream A Prayer of Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi O Goodness, O Goodness, O Goodness. You do not want to be surpassed by the creature!. . . Such is the heart of God! It hides our heart within itself as a sponge hides water in itself; and if a person does not press the sponge, he does not see what is there.

O Jesus, more than anything, I want to hide my heart in Your own. I want Your heart to be mine and my will to follow the new heart You have given me. More than anything I want a heart to love the Father, a sacred heart to be a throne for the Holy Spirit, a heart that is a a place of rest, repose, and joy for You--and I may only have these if You give them to me. "Far off, most secret, and inviolate rose/enfold me in Your hour of hours." Let me be united to You and serving Your purpose now and in all eternity. Amen.

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