The Best is Silence I


The Best is Silence

I am strongly tempted to give up this blog and blogdom altogether. Tempted, because it seems to be the wrong thing to do for several reasons. The blog can serve as a vehicle for communication amongst members of the local Carmelite Community; it can also serve to inform others about Carmelite issues.

The sources of the temptation are myriad--but not one of them provides a single good REASON for discontinuing. The only good reason to cease writing this blog would be that it had become an obstacle toward advancement toward union with God. However, so far, quite the contrary is true. By writing this I stay in contact with many people whose writing and reason continually redirect my thoughts toward God. If blogging were not here as a central treasure, I would return to my old habits of continually scouring the web for anything of interest--that is, quite simply, a waste of time.

The reason for writing this entry is unclear to me, but perhaps to state that there is a battle going on and so things might become erratic here and there, particularly as my mind tends to go completely blank under conditions similar to these. C'est la vie--or more appropriately, C'est la guerre.

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