St. Maria de Mattias [I


St. Maria de Mattias

[I posted this earlier today, but it has vanished entirely from the page. Don't know what happened. Please visit Fr. Keyes's page for more.]

From this Saint (to be Canonized 18 May 2003) a most wonderful, thrilling prayer.

With Jesus let us think, with Jesus let us speak; let us labor with Jesus, let us rest with Jesus; with Jesus let us weep, with Jesus let us keep silence; let us pray with Jesus; with Jesus let us live, with Jesus let us die. May Jesus live in our minds. May Jesus live on our tongues. May Jesus live in our hearts. May Jesus live in our souls. May Jesus live at all times. May Jesus live in all places. May Jesus live in all hearts. Yes, let us always say: May Jesus live!"

May it be true for me and for all who visit this place! Praise God for such words and lives lived in accord with them. Praise God for all of His Saints. Praise God!

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