Silence There is an especial



There is an especial irony in writing about silence. Surely anything said is counter to the movement itself. And yet, much needs to be said because so little of it is experienced. But what can be said of it that would entice one to experience it? Nothing.

Nada, nada, nada, nada, nada, nada, nada, nada, nada

Break away from the blog. Close your eyes--turn off whatever other distracting device is entertaining you and devote your entire self for just one minute to single-tasking. It may take a superhuman effort. But one minute of sitting quietly.

Now, try again. One minute of sitting silently, beside you the greatest friend and companion of your life, the sole Meaning of existence, the Sweetness of Life, the Lord of All. He's asked you to spend a moment with Him, not chattering about all your mutual acquaintances or all the preoccupations of your mind. Just a moment enjoying what is--silently.

Silence is more than quiet. In fact, if silence is only quiet, then it is not the silence we seek. Silence might be best described as companionable quiet. Quiet with Someone who means much and who Loves much.

Silence can only be understood by undertaking. And it can only be undertaken by the grace of God. The Eucharist is the doorway into Silence in which all that is worth hearing is heard, all that is worth seeing is seen, and all that is worth doing has its inception.

Silence is a special gift to individuals within the Church, and their grace is to spread the gift to all about them. Silence starts with one and it grows, encompassing the many--not in sterile quiet, but in loving certitude.

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