Perhaps Two People Will Care


Perhaps Two People Will Care

Last night I was listening to a transcription of Scarlatti's Harpsichord music played on piano and I realized that as pleasant and appropriate as piano is for some things, we have lost a great deal with the fading popularity of the Harpsichord. So too with my other two favorite instruments--the lute and the mandolin. While the guitar is very nice, listening to Julian Bream playing guitar transcriptions of the Bach Lute Concertos was some hollow and empty. (I'm sure listening to a Lute transcription of the Aranjuez Concerti for Guitar, or parts of the Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasilieras would be jolting). I've decided that in addition to drone instruments, I really like the "plucked" instrument sound. There's just about nothing so fine as the Vivaldi Concerti for Mandolin.

Also, I was listening once again to my Curved Air collection (a reference I expect about three people in the world to know) and wondered was there anything so fine, unusual, and fascinating as either "Vivaldi with Cannons" or "Ultra Vivaldi?"

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