Male or Female Brain If


Male or Female Brain

If these test results are (a) accurate and (b) meaningful and interpreted correctly, my brain is incorrectly hardwired.

E= 59
S= 26

Later Coming back to it seems that the S score is not measured by very good parameters. After all, I spent and have spent many years as a systematic paleontologist studying the taxonomy of echinoderms. Would seem that I might be very good at systematizing. Moreover, my career of choice and my first jobs were all librarian positions in all manner of systematic configurations (LOC, Dewey, and any number of private, proprietary configs). So, there's something wrong with the measure--just because I don't need to dissect frogs, worms, or car engines to discover how they work and I'm not particularly adept at DIY, I hardly think that 26 is a good reflection of my love of and ability to systematize. And Ms. Knapp was a one-time librarian if I recall correctly. If this is meant as a real diagnostic, it may need adjustment.

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