From a Weekend Purchase Depuis


From a Weekend Purchase

Depuis longtemps I have considered the purchase of this book. Finally, I bought it along with another remarkable little work--Spiritual Combat Revisited.

from Drink of the Stream: Prayers of Carmelites

A Prayer of Pére Jacques de Jesus Bunel

In the twilight of this life, I shall appear before Thee with empty hands, for I do not ask Thee, Lord, to compare my works. All our justices are tainted in Thine eyes. Hence, I wish to wear the cloak of Thy justice and receive from Thy love eternal possession of Thyself. I wish no other crown or throne by Thee, my Beloved.

I never fail to be amazed and humbled by the humility expressed in prayers such as these. I could say these words, but there is part of me that resists their underlying truth. Deep down, I know that what they say is true. And yet.. . . part of me fights tooth and nail against the truth of them. It is simply too hard a truth for my present state in life. But God continues to lead, and I grudgingly follow, at once wanting more than anything in the world to race after Him, and wanting to run as fast as I can away from Him.

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