As Though You Needed to


As Though You Needed to See This

My F Score--Got in just over the line this time. Last time I was right on the border:

Your F Score is: 3.066666666666667

You are disciplined but tolerant; a true American.

However, please note, last time I scored a 3. Where then would I be on the scale. The little tag line didn't say because the owner confused it with fuzzy math:

2 to 3: A liberal airhead.

3 to 4.5: Within normal limits; an appropriate score for an American. (The overall average score for groups tested in the original study is listed in the 1950 publication as 3.84, with men averaging somewhat higher and women somewhat lower.)

Very, very sloppy to have such an ill-defined border. Obviously what must be meant is either :

2 up to and including 3


2 up to but excluding 3.

Or, more precisely:

[2, 3] or [2, 3).

Really, if we're going to rate facism, shouldn't we a trifle more disciplined about it?

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